Quality Service, For Over 30 Years. That’s Williams Land Service.

Williams Land Service provides land clearing and forestry mulching services to North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley. Areas served include Birmingham, Decatur, Athens, Huntsville, Cullman, Florence and all other towns within North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. Williams Land Service provides the best land management services in the area. Our services include forestry mulching, selective tree thinning, and tree stump grinding. With over 30 years experience let us take care of all your forestry mulching and land clearing needs. We have taken the knowledge of forestry and farm management to build a business dedicated to the enhancement of property and wildlife. Get your free estimate today.

No Permits Required

No Permits Required

Since the soil is never disturbed there are no need for ADEM permits! With forestry mulchers, there is need to get permits to clear or improve your land. The soil is never disturbed. The underbrush or timber is cut down and turned in to biodegradable mulch. The ground is improved and stabilized with the mulch created from grinding up the vegetation. Wet lands are a breeze to clear and do not require mitigation.

No Erosion

Fast and Efficient

The ground is stabilized with the mulch being created from grinding. The roots are left in place to further hold the ground in place to prevent erosion.



No Brush piles!

No Burning

When you can get a burn permit to get rid of the brush pile left by conventional land clearing, we can grind all your brush piles with ease!



No Debris removal fees

Mulch is left to improve the soil

There is no debris to be removed because we grind it all up in to biodegradable mulch.




Services Offered