“Last year my wife and I bought 50 acres which needed considerable clearing to restore it to its former beauty. As I researched the options I came to like the idea of having a forestry mulcher do the clearing rather than bulldozing. All the organic matter is mulched and left on site to decompose back into the soil as opposed to pushing up piles and burning the debris. With the mulcher I would be making top soil as opposed to a dozer where I would be losing top soil. What I liked about William’s Land Service is they were a local family owned and run business with extensive experience in the land clearing business. Donnie came up and gave me a quote to mulch the front 10 acres of our property, in about 40 hours if I remember, with the FECON FTX140. A couple of weeks later got a surprise. William’s Land Service had bought a Rayco C260 and asked if I would like them to use this machine instead. I was a little hesitant because it had a slightly higher dollar per hour rate, but after seeing the tech specs I agreed. I wasn’t disappointed. Alan operated that big beast like a true professional. It effortlessly knocked over 20-foot gum trees and ground them to mulch. In about 4 days the Rayco had cleared…More
John Howard
“My husband and I are repeat customers of Williams Land Service. The first time out, a 5 1/2 acre overgrown field was reclaimed. Donnie and Allen did a great job mulching down 20+ foot saplings and bush hogging the lower growth. A mulched trail along the south property line was also created that is a great walking trail. The second job Donnie bush hogged 11 acres. On the third job, we called him back to create 12 more trails by mulching and opening up the area surrounding a rough wood road. We now have trails throughout the property for walking and riding. The most recent job had Donnie adding a gravel top to the rough wood road, and he cleared out debris in various drainage ditches. We highly recommend Williams Land Service to anyone having land to clear, drainage issues to fix and wood roads to improve from rough to smooth and usable. Donnie and Allen went above and beyond our expectations and are nice people to work with as well. More
Elaine Koski
“I hired Williams Land Service to clear out a field in preparation for a row crop. They did a great job. Their machine was quicker than a dozer, costs less money, and I didn’t have to level the land out afterwards. The mulcher also took care of the thorn trees I could not get with my bush hog. Thorn trees are almost impossible to bush hog because they will mess up your your tires. Also the mulch left behind was easily mixed into the soil with a disk, which added some nutrients back to the soil. I would highly recommend Williams Land Service. More
John Miller
“Pleasant to work with,Reliable, Honest Man! Thanks for you Help. More
John Brasseale