Conventionally, land is cleared or improved using equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. The use of these machines normally requires a special permit for projects over a set amount of acreage and the use of erosion control systems. These types of machines disturb the ground to excavate all unwanted trees, underbrush, or any other form of foreign materials. A forestry muchler has a lot less impact on the environment.
The process of forestry mulching begins with the machine. Machines like our Rayco C140 are purpose built for forestry mulching. Some companies claim to be in the forestry mulching business, but a mulching attachment pales in comparison to a real mulching machine. A purpose built machine like ours has twice the hydraulic flow of comparable skid steer machines with mulching attachments. This allows for twice the work in half the time. We are often asked to compare our machine to a skid steer. It is like comparing apples to oranges.
There are many benefits to forestry mulching. There is no need for any special permits or elaborate erosion control systems. Forestry mulching is a means of improving the land by cutting and grinding all undesired trees or underbrush. All that remains after grinding is biomass in the form of small three to four inch chips or mulch. The resulting layer of mulch is left to further stabilize the soil and acts a ground cover to help prevent the erosion of the soil. Since there is no excavation of the soil to remove the unwanted trees or underbrush, all the nutrient rich soil is left virtually undisturbed.
Forestry mulching is suited for virtually all projects. For example, forestry mulching to improve the landscape of a standing forest is best suited for creating a park like effect in any forest. The park effect consists of the general removal off all undesirable trees and underbrush species per a land owner’s taste. Forestry mulching is also best suited for projects with ground that is prone to being wet or flooding. Forestry mulchers equipped with low ground pressure tracks are best suited for these conditions. They will make the least impact of all compared land clearing techniques.

Benefits of Forestry Mulching

✓ No ADEM permits

✓No erosion

✓ Fast and efficient

✓ No burning required

✓ No brush piles

✓ No debris removal fees

✓ Increases land value

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